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Face Noir arrives on Steam and Desura

21 October 2013 - Finally we set the first steps on the Digital Delivery platforms: Face Noir is now available on Steam and Desura! Because we want to celebrate, until 24th October you can buy Face Noir with 20% discount; you will also find it into the Detective Bundle, for all fans of this genre, with all the four chapters of the Cognition series.
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Behind Face Noir (Part 5)

12 September 2013 - Puzzles and Split.

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Behind Face Noir (Part 4)

12 September 2013 - This time we talk about Art Deco!

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Behind Face Noir (Part 3)

06 September 2013 - The setting of Face Noir.

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Behind Face Noir

30 August 2013 - We are Mad Orange and we wanted to take some time and talk about our experiences through our first development, what it was like, what we learned and specially how we came together to make Face Noir a reality.

Learn more on tumblr
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Face Noir: Now Available for Pre-Order!

27 June 2013 -

Phoenix Online Studios and Mad Orange are excited to announce the July 18th release of Face Noir! Now with an updated inventory system, improved gameplay and puzzles, and full English localization, including voices, Face Noir is available for pre-order now for just $15.99 (reg. $19.99)–and the pre-order exclusively comes with the beautiful Face Noir soundtrack!

Developed by Mad Orange and localized by Phoenix Online, Face Noir is a point-and-click adventure inspired by the writing of Raymond Chandler. Set in New York City, 1934, a disillusioned private detective named Jack del Nero is charged with the murder of a man who, just before his death, left a little girl in Jack’s protection. As Jack tries to find out who the child is, he discovers more about human nature than he ever wanted to know along the way.

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Face Noir at IndiePressDay

22 May 2013 - Do you ever seen a Phoenix and an Orange together?
If you want to see this strange couple today is the day.
At Indie Press Day, the guys of Phoenix Online Studio will present their Cognition Ep3 and, obviously, our Face Noir!

Enjoy it!
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Face Noir speaks english!

16 March 2013 - It's official, Face Noir speaks english!
Ok, too many time passed from the german version and too many words has been spent for explain the hard work for doing the english version of Face Noir, but now it's past, it's story. There are many anecdotes, that maybe, one day, they will be insered in a book: "The story of a psycho orange that wanted to become a game designer".

As you can read on article, now the english version of Face Noir is real! At the moment we are working on the cast of voices with Phoenix Online Studio (and a strange pink poodle).

Guys, Face Noir will be out soon! Thanks for your wait!
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Merry Christmas!

25 December 2012 - This year it's been a great honor participate at the xmas greetings of Adventure gamers! Guys, you are cool!

Our greetings are at 16:39!  (Or you can see it on our you tube channel).

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Merry Xmas!

21 December 2012 - Merry Christmas by Mad Orange!

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Face Noir released in Italy

14 December 2012 - News not available in english.
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Patch for Face Noir (German version)

06 October 2012 - The patch for the german version of Face Noir is ready. You can download it here.
  • Fixed missing voices talking with Malone after the interrogatory at the police station
  • Improved the doll puzzle at Mellville Port
  • Improved the bridge puzzle at Mellville shypyard
  • Improved the museum map at Central Park
  • Improved the matches puzzle at Mellville Port
  • Improved the "Get Smiley drunk" puzzle
  • Improved the cylinder puzzle at the museum
  • Improved the first dialogue with Chon
Thanks to Tobias Maack and the Adventure Corner staff for their support!
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Demo, website and rumors!

23 September 2012 - Well, where do we start from? This time we have lot to talk about, therefore here are the news:

Face Noir Demo
The demo is ready for all German players! Download available here!
If after playing, your question is: "where can I buy the complete version?" The answers is:

In all German game shops
On the internet:
Now we have a new site, where lots of new information is provided about our games, works, our mad world.
A new whole system has been improved (you have now the possibility to comment our posts), giving you the chance to interact in the new section Forum, where you'll find suggestions and support.

News are not finished yet: During these days we are working to offer an English version of the game and on a patch for Face Noir German Version (It will fix problems such as missing voices and problems referred to the escessive sensibilitiesin some puzzles).

Face Noir II
To those worried about Face Noir ending, we just want say one thing: We are already working to Face Noir II and here you can find a small hint for the sequel story. In the next months there will be more info about the project, mainly on the technical aspects, like the high resolution, the motion capture and much more.

Well, That's all.
Regards by Mad Orange Team!
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Face Noir German Release

01 August 2012 - Good news for all german players: from 31 July, Face Noir is available on retail and digital format.

If you want more info, here for you some links:
» Face Noir German website
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Mad Orange & Daedalic Entertainment

06 September 2011 - Mad Orange and Daedalic Entertainment have announced that Daedalic is to bring Face Noir, the dark murder mystery adventure from the Italian developer, to Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Daedalic will publish a fully-localized German edition at retail and digital outlets with a release date to be announced soon.
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Work in progress

05 July 2011 - Our e-mail box has been recently overwhelmed (apart from a good quantity of viagra and travel ads and strange proposals of financial investments on South Asian countries) by e-mails asking info about FaceNoir development.
Unfortunately we can’t answer anybody personally so I’m using this post both to thanks everybody for the interest around the game and reassuring about production development which is proceeding at a tight schedule with good results.

The news blackout (let’s call it like that) is mainly due to the contacts we are keeping with publishers, which usually requires a bit of "discretion" until everything is arranged. Anyway, waiting for more massive contents to share with our “followers”, we are proud to show here the first official image of Jack Del Nero.
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22 December 2010 - Well, even this year, as usual, Christmas Holidays are coming up and it is time for some updates about Face Noir.

Several new pictures (still in progress) figuring out Central Park and Upper East Side places are now available on our facebook page. You can watch and comment them, let’s take advantage of the new social netwkors potential!

Furthermore we remind you that, by means of our facebook page, some exclusive contents about Face Noir development will be available, along with whatever comes in our mind. Do not esitate: enjoy the site!

Greatings from Mad Orange!
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The making of Face Noir (Part 1)

11 November 2010 -

Among the thousands of files regarding Face Noir`s graphics, design, sound and so on and so forth, there is a peculiar folder in my computer. It`s name is obsolete data and it contains all those files I don`t need to use anymore; it`s some sort of cellar inside which I put away the most disparate objects that otherwise would be tossed out, were it not that I feel some attachment for them by now.

The oldest file is dated September 29th, 2008, over two years ago. At that time I was still taking a Videogame Design course at the IED – I want to take the chance to greet Cangini who was coordinator of the course in that year – and in my mind there was nothing barely resembling Face Noir as it is today. My project used to be called EGA (Eniac`s Great Adventure, a title given by Claudio a.k.a. SideUp of Adventure’s Planet). There was no plot, no design documents, virtually nothing but the will to try my hand at the development of a Video Game – and it is a will that I believe about the 80% of people reading this post share with me.
Graphics were rather essential and basic, dialogues trivial. There was only me working on EGA, but Marco a.k.a. Azrael eventually joined the party and with his arrival everything became more serious: we were now able to program! We chose Wintermute Engine as Game Engine; decent graphic adventures using this engine had been released shortly before and it seemed to be what we were in need for.
The following months were spent with me thinking up utterly elaborate ways to use Wintermute and Marco going crazy in the attempt to realize them somehow, instead of simply replying “no, it can`t be done!”. As a result, we boast about having innovative game mechanics as dynamic puzzles, a thinking modality, 3D inventory and much more.

The EGA experience showed us that it was possible to make up something interesting. In the second half of 2009 we decided to mean business by creating a Video Game matching up to those graphic adventures that made us love the genre.
The plot needed to be improved, graphics had to recall the dull atmosphere of the Noir genre and dialogues had to become rough. Face Noir was born.

…to be continued.

The image above shows the improvement of Face Noir`s graphics from the first sketch of the office to the definitive scene you can find in the game.

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New images!

03 April 2009 -

New images from FACE NOIR, with incredible noir atmosphere to live through your pc.

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FACE NOIR announcement

21 October 2008 -

Mad Orange is pleased to announce the beginning of the development of FACE NOIR. Face Noir is a graphic adventure set in the New York of the '30s, in which the detective Jack del Nero will be shown off caught up in a complicated intrigue.